VII Seminar Francoism in the world: between the American friend and the European neighbor

Franco’s regime opted for the Axis powers, and this conditioned its subsequent recognition by the victorious Allies, forced its isolation from the postwar alliances and turned it towards autarky. The subsequent block policy resulting from the Cold War and economic interests qualified this ostracism and allowed a partial normalization of the international relations of the regime with the exterior, although always partly conditioned by its dictatorial nature. However, this hegemonic story has begun to be questioned as Manichaean and biased, making a new look necessary that, based on original documentation, enriches our vision of how Francoism was situated in the world.

Franco’s engineers and scientists in the face of US hegemony (1949-1986) by Lino Camprubí (Universidad de Sevilla)

European democracies before the Franco regime, 1945-1977: ‘Vamos a contar mentiras, tralará’” by Fernando Guirao (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)